Case Study

California Cannabis Company

This franchise cannabis company has several businesses with one central HR team. They have been trying to find a way to comply with the CA State mandate, but haven’t been able to find a 401k provider at a reasonable cost.


Full time W-2 employees


Dollars saved annually


Hours to implement


Minutes of admin time, monthly


They needed to comply with the California retirement mandate, but the only provider that would work with them was offering an extremely expensive bespoke 401(k) plan. This would not only cost orders of magnitude more than Icon, it would require a very complicated integration with a long roll out period.


They found an affordable, flexible plan that complies with the California mandate.

We couldn’t find a retirement solution that would work for us, until we found Icon."

– VP of HR


Humboldt, CA


Franchise Cannabis Company

Years in Business


The Icon Difference.

We’ve automated plan administration and removed the complexity, fiduciary risks, and federal filing requirements of traditional plans, making Icon the easiest, most affordable plan on the market1.


Average Provider

Plan Admin Costs



Employer Match



Fiduciary Insurance



Annual Audit



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