Welcome to a new era in retirement benefits:

Portable Retirement Plans (PRPs)

The easiest, most affordable way to offer a retirement plan to your employees.

The smart alternative to a 401k.

PRPs work like a 401k but without the high cost, regulatory complexity and fiduciary burden.

Icon PRP

  • Tax-advantage savings
  • Automatic payroll contributions
  • No federal filings or reporting
  • No fiduciary burden
  • Flat monthly cost, predictable pricing
  • Works for everyone W2 and 1099
  • No rollover required
  • No ERISA fidelity bond

401k plan

  • Tax-advantage savings
  • Automatic payroll contributions
  • Annual filings and federal reporting
  • Employer is fiduciary
  • Expensive to maintain
  • Restricted to qualified W2
  • Requires a complicated rollover
  • Requires ERISA fidelity bond

Impressively sophisticated.
Impossibly easy.

Set up your company’s plan in minutes.
No plan documents. No lawyers. No headaches.

Integrates with 200+ payroll providers

Affordable pricing with no hidden fees.

Our pricing promise.

Icon’s PRP is so affordable because we’ve built a fully automated system that reduces costs. And we pass those savings on to you and your employees.

Pricing is a flat monthly fee based on the size of your company, and all plans include full-service recordkeeping, integrated payroll processing, employer dashboard, employee onboarding, customer support, and compliance management.

Portable Retirement Plans

Designed to make a difference.

Icon’s PRPs deliver fully integrated portability through an innovative IRA-based plan.

Why businesses love it.

Employers win

We’ve removed the sponsorship burden that comes with 401k plans.

This means less admin, reduced costs, and no fiduciary responsibilities.

Why employees love it.

Employees win

Icon is the fiduciary, so we act in the employee’s best interest.

Unlike 401ks, our plans are portable, and travel with individuals when they change jobs.

An innovation leap

Built to solve
the big challenges.

Seamless Portability

No more rollovers, cash outs or orphaned plans

Universal Accessibility

Everyone is eligible:
W2 and 1099

Built-in Security

Built from the ground-up with bank-level security

Success Stories.


Payroll Provider

San Francisco



Cannabis Company

New York City

Hospitality Group

Los Angeles

Health Care Services


Tech Start-up

Whether you’re a small business or enterprise,
we have a plan for you.

Which PRP
is right for you?

Icon State

A qualified and complete solution that meets a state retirement plan mandate.

Icon Primary

For Employers who want an easy-to-use plan without the cost, complexity, and fiduciary risks of a 401k.

Icon Companion

Expand retirement benefits by offering Icon alongside an existing 401k.

Not happy with your current plan?

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