Delivering retirement benefits to Acrisure business clients.

Delivering retirement benefits to Acrisure business clients.

Icon offers an innovative, new retirement savings benefit:

The Portable Retirement Plan (PRP).

PRPs are the easiest, most affordable way for a business to offer a retirement plan.

Welcome to a new era in retirement benefits.

PRPs work like a 401k but without the high costs, administrative hassles, and regulatory complexities.

Icon PRP

  • Tax-advantage savings
  • Automatic payroll contributions
  • No federal filings or reporting
  • No fiduciary burden
  • Flat monthly cost, predictable pricing
  • Works for everyone W2 and 1099
  • No rollover required
  • No ERISA fidelity bond

Average 401k plan

  • Tax-advantage savings
  • Automatic payroll contributions
  • Annual filings and federal reporting
  • Employer is fiduciary
  • Expensive to maintain
  • Restricted to qualified W2
  • Requires a complicated rollover
  • Requires ERISA fidelity bond

The PRP by Icon

Employers love the simplicity.

A business can set up their plans in minutes.No plan documents. No lawyers. No paperwork.

Integrate with 200+ payroll providers

Impossibly easy.

We take care of everything.

Through the Icon digital platform, employers can set up their plan in minutes. The Icon platform handles all plan tasks for the employer.
All record keeping and
plan administration
Our platform handles all of the record keeping and transactions.
Employee enrollment and
account creation
We handle inviting employees to create their account and enroll in the plan.
and education
Icon takes care of employee communications and provides financial education information.
Fund selection and
portfolio management
Icon is a fiduciary. We recommend a portfolio tailored to the employee and handle all portfolio management.
Account statements,
tax documents
We provide regular account statements as well as the documents needed at tax time.
Intuitive employer dashboard
Employers can easily get an overview of their plan, including total contributions to date and participation metrics.

Predictable transparent pricing.

PRPs automate administrative work so our fees are significantly lower than other plans. Pricing is a flat monthly fee based on the size of the company. PRPs don’t require fiduciary insurance, a fidelity bond, or matching contributions.

Flat Fee: $40/mo
That’s just $480 annually.


Flat Fee: $80/mo
That’s just $960 annually.


Flat Fee: $140/mo
That’s just $1,680 annually.


Flat Fee: $200/mo
That’s just $2,400 annually.

More than
100 employees?
For businesses with more than 100 employees, we'll work with you and your client to customize pricing.

For any business,
big or small.

Our range of solutions allows you to transform retirement benefits for all your clients.


For employers who want an easy-to-use plan without the cost, complexity, and fiduciary risks of a 401k.


Expand retirement benefits by offering Icon alongside an existing 401k.


A qualified and complete solution that meets a state retirement plan mandate.

Take the product tour.

How our partnership works.

Simply refer a business to an Icon PRP by scheduling a demo or submitting a lead.


What is Icon, and what does it offer?
Icon is a revolutionary provider of retirement benefit solutions for businesses. We offer Portable Retirement Plans (PRPs) that simplify and streamline retirement benefits for both employers and employees. PRPs are designed to provide all the advantages of a traditional 401k plan without the high costs, regulatory complexities, and administrative burdens.
How does a PRP differ from a traditional 401k plan?
PRPs offer a more straightforward and cost-effective solution compared to traditional 401k plans. PRPs eliminate the administrative hassle and reduce regulatory complexities, making it easier for businesses to offer retirement benefits to their employees. They are designed to be affordable, secure, and user-friendly, making retirement planning accessible to all.
Who can benefit from partnering with Icon?
Businesses of all sizes, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), can greatly benefit from partnering with Icon. Our solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses looking to provide retirement benefits to their employees while avoiding the challenges associated with traditional 401k plans.
Is Icon’s PRP suitable for my clients’ employees?
Absolutely! Icon’s PRP is designed to benefit employees across various industries and income levels. Whether your clients have a diverse workforce or specific retirement needs, our flexible PRP solutions can be customized to meet their requirements.
What makes Icon’s PRP secure?
At Icon, security is our top priority. Our PRP platform utilizes state-of-the-art encryption and security protocols to protect sensitive financial information. We adhere to strict industry standards and comply with all relevant regulations to ensure the utmost security for your clients’ retirement savings.
Can employees manage their retirement accounts easily with Icon’s PRP?
Yes, our PRP platform is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. Employees can easily manage their retirement accounts, make contributions, and track their savings progress through our user-friendly interface. We prioritize a seamless and hassle-free experience for all users.