Case Study

California Payroll Provider

As President of her own payroll company, this provider needed an easy way to help her clients set up a retirement plan, especially those facing a state mandated deadline. She wanted her clients to choose a private provider over a state-run plan since she knew she'd be supporting her customers as they ran payroll.


Referral fees paid in first 60 days


Clients referred in first 60 days


Total number of customers


401k plans are too expensive and too complex for her customer base.


She partnered with Icon because of how easy it is to use, and she loved the referral fees. We worked with her to set up a landing page she could email to her clients, and she now receives passive income each time one of her clients signs up. Plus, her customers love her for finding an affordable solution to California’s retirement mandate.

"Being able to refer my customers to Icon allowed me to solve a real problem for my customers."

President, payroll provider




Payroll Services

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