Designed for employers who want to offer a high-quality plan to their employees without the cost, complexity, and fiduciary risks of a 401k.

Built in advantages for employers:

  • No fiduciary responsibility
  • No ERISA requirements
  • No plan administration fees
  • No matching contributions
  • No testing and reporting

Your one-stop retirement savings partner.


Our platform handles all of the recordkeeping and transactions.


Icon acts in the best interest of our clients and is a fiduciary.

Employee onboarding

We handle enrollment and plan communications.


Icon delivers low-cost funds and built-in investment advice.

Easy to use

Simply approve contributions with payroll through your Icon dashboard.

No Government filing

Icon Primary does not require a 5500, testing, or other federal reporting.

Integrate with your payroll.

We're integrated with top payroll providers. This means we automatically sync employee data and automate deductions.


How Icon Primary works


Employer creates Icon account.

We collect information about your payroll so we can link payroll contributions to employees’ individual retirement accounts.


Enroll employees.

We handle all of the communications and enrollment.


Employee creates Icon account (5 minutes).

Employees decide how much to save, and their contributions happen automatically when payroll is actioned.


Employer approves employees’ contributions prior to running payroll.

This happens through the Icon administration portal.


When employees leave you, they're auto-removed from payroll, but retain their Icon account.

No rollover or plan change required.

Predictable and transparent pricing.

We've automated administrative work so our fees are significantly lower than other plans.

Employers pay:

Flat monthly fee based on company size


  • Full-service plan
  • Live customer support
  • Employee onboarding
  • Employer dashboard
  • Employee communication

Participants pay:

Flat monthly fee of $4.00


  • Account creation and management
  • Customer support
  • Low-cost portfolios
  • Portfolio management
  • Employee dashboard

Fees compared:
401k vs Icon.

High fees erode savings. Here’s a hypothetical example of how it works:

Meet Stacy and Korri. They both saved $6,000 a year for 25 years. Stacy saved in a typical 401k and Korri with Icon.The high fees eroded Stacy’s savings by $97,830 (nearly 10x). She is now forced to work 5 more years to make up the difference1.

Average 401k
Total Savings


Total fees paid


Icon Plan
Total Savings


Total fees paid