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How Employees are Reshaping Workplace Retirement Benefits

Employers and policymakers are faced with important questions that need to be answered: “How is the current retirement system performing? And is it meeting the needs of workers today?" The 2022 Icon Retirement Trends Study addresses these questions directly.


The Easy, Affordable Way To Comply with the California Retirement Plan Mandate

On June 30, 2022, the state of California will require employers with 5 or more employees to offer a retirement plan. The goal of the law is to help ensure that all workers have access to a financially secure future through tax-advantaged retirement savings, but offering a retirement plan can be expensive and complicated for small businesses. Join experts from Icon to learn about the easiest, most affordable way to comply.


Beyond the 401k

Portable Retirement: A solution for the modern workforce.

We’re witnessing a once in a lifetime shift in how we work, how we save for retirement must make a parallel shift. Employers have always played a critical role in retirement savings.


Rethinking Retirement Savings

Icon's CEO Laurie Rowley was featured on FUTUREPROOF. Media where she discussed why retirementsavings is in desperate need of innovation.

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