Retirement planning, built for how you live and work today.

Welcome to Icon. Whether you’re one of the 75 million of us who are self-employed, work as an independent contractor, or work for an employer who doesn’t offer a retirement plan, you still need a plan that’s easy to use, low cost, and yours for life.

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Designed from the ground up.


High-quality, low-cost funds from some of the world’s most respected asset managers.

Eliminates the high-cost, low-quality funds that can eat away at your nest egg.


Smart features that help you automatically stay on track and simplify investing decisions.

Takes the guesswork out of investing and helps you sleep at night.


Potential return over 30 years.*

Getting Started

Even $50.00 per month will make a big difference over time.

Growing Your Savings

Experts recommend putting aside 10% of your salary to plan for your future.

Maximizing Your Savings

Great decision! This monthly savings rate puts you on a good path for retirement.


Portability. Icon gives you the freedom and independence to save, regardless of where you work. It goes where you go.

Lifelong portability means you always have access to your plan, which helps you stay on track.


Help with financial decision-making. Tips on how to manage your finances, minus the ads and complicated jargon.

Provides simplified information and answers to your questions.



Powerful by design.

  • Easy to start retirement plan

    It only takes a few minutes to get going.

  • Easy to use

    Built in smart features take care of your investing decisions.

  • No hidden fees

    Low fee investments means you keep more of your money.

We’ve put everything that matters in one place. You get a tax-advantaged, easy to use, personal retirement account, that travels with you for life.

Get Started Now.


1. Enroll in Icon.

You can sign up online in 5 minutes. It’s easier than you think.


2. Determine your contribution.

Decide how much money you’d like to set aside each month for your Icon account.


3. We’ll do the heavy lifting.

We make sure you have a diversified portfolio by investing your savings automatically in a target date fund. This eliminates the complexities of asset allocation and investment decisions.

If however, you have the time and experience to build your own portfolio, you can select your own investment options from our menu.


4. Sit back and save.

Once your account is activated, your savings contributions will happen automatically. You don’t have to do anything.

You can always change your mind about your choices and make changes anytime.

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