Your one-stop retirement savings partner.

Icon is an easy-to-use, retirement savings plan that’s tailored to your needs. It’s the individual retirement plan for the self-employed.

No more lapses in coverage, no more expensive rollovers, and no more abandoned accounts.

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  • Easy to use

    Smart choices are built in, we take the guesswork out of investing.

  • Committed to you

    Icon is a fiduciary to you which means we act in your best interest.

  • Low-cost investing

    Our portfolios are built with low-cost funds from leading asset managers. No minimum to start.

How Icon is different.

Most retirement plans are based on the old idea that people stay at one employer throughout their career. Today, millions of people work for themselves and change jobs frequently.

Icon is built on the simple idea of lifelong portability: no more expensive rollovers, no more abandoned accounts, and no more lapses in coverage.

Your career: Job 1

Congratulations! You start your first job and begin saving with Icon. After 5 years, you move on and take the $30,000 you've saved.2

Your career: Job 2

You start freelancing and continue to save in your Icon retirement account. After another ten years of working, you’ve saved $90,000.2

Your career: Job 3

You join a new company. Your employer puts your contributions in your Icon account. After twelve more years, you’ve saved $162,000.2

Going Forward

No matter where you go, or how you work,
Icon stays with you.2

A retirement plan tailored to your needs.

Tell us about your goals and we’ll recommend a plan to help you create the life you envision. As your advisor, we monitor your portfolio and take the guesswork out of saving and investing.

You're in good hands and your money is too.

Icon portfolios include ETFs from Vanguard and BlackRock, the two largest fund managers in the world.

You'll love the math.

It’s all about compound interest. Use the slider to see how what you set aside today can grow over time1.

$1 Yearly Max

What you set aside today


Adds up over time with compound interest*