What investments are available through Icon?

The Icon plan includes low-cost ETFs from BlackRock and Vanguard, two of the world's most respected and experienced asset managers.

When you start saving with Icon, you’ll first take a simple risk assessment, then choose from a managed portfolio that is designed to help you meet your financial and retirement goals. Portfolios use low fee ETFs and the average fund fees are 0.08%, which is significantly less than the industry average of 1.13%. Icon does not charge investment fees and receives no sales commissions or other fees associated with the selection of funds.

Why use ETFs?

  • Liquidity & Flexibility
  • Portfolio Diversification
  • Low Fund Management Fees
  • Tax-advantaged compared to Mutual Funds

The trade order flexibility of ETFs also gives investors the benefit of making timely investment decisions and placing orders in a variety of ways. Investing in ETF shares has all the trade combinations of investing in common stocks, including limit orders and stop-limit orders. ETFs are also known for being low-cost investment options.

ETFs can be comprised of hundreds or thousands of stocks and bonds. To obtain that type of diversity, an investor would incur a large number of trading transaction costs and be forced to meet some high minimum purchase requirements in a lot of cases. ETFs can be utilized as a way to obtain that diversity at a low cost. ETFs are less expensive than mutual funds because they do not charge 12b-1 fees or commissions. Therefore, fewer operational expenses lead to reduced expense ratios for the investor.


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