A smart retirement solution for benefit brokers.

Help your clients offer a high-quality retirement plan without the high cost, complexity, and fiduciary risks.

It’s the easiest most affordable way for businesses to offer a retirement benefit.

Icon is a full-service, turnkey retirement savings plan. By combining the automaticity of a 401k plan with the flexibility of an IRA, we’ve built the first portable retirement plan. Portable retirement has some big advantages for employers.

No fiduciary responsibility
for the employer

No testing or reporting requirements

No fiduciary insurance

No plan design or plan document


Everyone qualifies W2 and 1099

Icon has a plan for all of your clients.

A plan optimized for simplicity. All transactions take place though our centralized platform, which eliminates administrative burdens, and simplifies everything. Setting up a plan takes minutes, not weeks. We handle all enrollment, plan communication, education, fund selection, and portfolio management.

Plan setup takes minutes

Our technology and automated platform remove make it easy to set-up and maintain.


Why employees love Icon

Retirement investing isn’t one-size fits all. It’s personal. And for many of us, it can be intimidating. So, Icon makes investing easy with simple personal questions and automated portfolios tailored to the needs of the person.

Investing is automated.

Savings are invested in smart portfolios with low-cost, high-quality investments from Vanguard and BlackRock

It's easy to use.

Its easy to create your account and track your progress

It's portable.

Uniquely portable it travels with you from job-to-job, no rollovers required


This is the easiest plan I’ve ever used, why aren’t all plans like this?

Company with 120 employees

Phoenix, Arizona

I’ve been looking for a plan for my business that is easy to set up and low cost, this is a great solution for us.

Company with 15 employees

Dallas, Texas

We’ve been looking for a plan, I’m so glad that we found Icon. Everything else is too complicated and expensive.

Company with 150 employees


We’re committed to offering our employees every opportunity to help save for their future. With Icon we can help our employees save beyond the 401k plan.

Company with 105 employees

San Francisco, California

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