Why do I need to answer a suitability questionnaire

Utilization of an asset allocation that is the most suitable for you and your specific needs is at the very center of our investment process.

This concept is fundamental to the mission of acting in the best interest of our clients. When money is not invested in a manner that is suitable for your specific situation, there is a higher probability of unacceptable losses or equally negative low returns coupled with added distress to you.

The suitability questionnaire allows us to gather information to understand the need for your asset allocation. This questionnaire is based on identifying your “Time Horizon” and your “Risk Tolerance”. Time Horizon is the total length of time that you expect to keep your assets invested in your IRA before needing to withdraw all or a portion of those assets. Risk Tolerance describes the degree of variance regarding investment performance that you are willing to accept between now and retirement.

At Icon, we believe that no one should ever have investments that are not appropriate for their personal circumstances and willingness to take risks.


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