Wurk is partnering with Icon Retirement to make it easy for our customers to deliver a retirement plan.

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Why businesses choose Icon as their retirement provider:


It's the easiest, most affordable plan


To attract and retain employees


To meet a state mandate

Icon is a full-service retirement plan provider.

Icon's retirement solutions remove the pain-points that come with traditional plans.

  • No fiduciary liability
  • No federal reporting or testing
  • No ongoing plan diligence
  • No government filing
  • No administrative burden

Setting up your plan takes minutes.

Create account

We collect and verify information about your company and link to your payroll and banking partners.

Kick off call with your dedicated account manager

We’ll help make sure your plan is set up, answer any questions you have and give you tips on communicating with your employees about your new benefit.

We’ll enroll and onboard your employees

Icon will create an enrollment plan based on your preferences and unique needs.

After onboarding the only administration needed is contribution management, which is done through the Icon dashboard. Contributions can be set up to run automatically or managed as part of payroll processing.

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Employers pay a flat monthly fee.

No hidden fees, no transaction fees.

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Help your employees save smarter with a tax-advantaged personal retirement plan.

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Low fees

Help your employees keep more of their savings with our flat-fee pricing. We don't charge an AUM fee.

Smart portfolios

Support your employees in reaching their long-term wealth goals with smart portfolios that are tailored to their needs.

Easy to use

Deliver the plan your employees want: a personalized, easy-to-use plan that takes the guesswork out of saving and investing.

Frequently Asked Questions


What’s the catch?

There is no catch. We use technology to automate administrative tasks, this allows us to keep our pricing low and we pass that savings on to you. Businesses pay a flat monthly fee that covers the plan operating costs, there are no additional transaction fees. Participating employees pay a flat monthly fee of $4, deducted from their month-end account balance.


Does this connect to my payroll system?

Yes. Our platform connects to your bank and payroll.


How do I know my investments are secure?

We use bank-level security. Icon accounts are held by Apex, one of the most trusted custody banks in the United States.


Are contributions tax-deferred?

Yes. Employees’ savings are placed in a tax-deferred Individual Retirement Account.


What investments are available?

Icon uses low-cost ETFs from leading asset managers. Our portfolios are constructed with ETFs with average fund fees are 0.06%, which is significantly less than the industry average of 1.13%*. Icon receives no sales commissions or other fees associated with the selection of funds.

*2019, 401k Book of Averages

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